Magnetic Therapy Neck Pain Relief Pad

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Relieve Neck Strains and Start To Live Comfortably!


The special Magnetic Therapy Neck Pain Relief Pad warms your neck so that you will feel comfortable and relaxed once again!

The purpose of thebelt is to increase blood flow andhelp tissues heal faster. This then leads to lesser painthatwill increase functionality and flexibility in the affected area. It can also helpreduce fatigue and increase blood flow to your neck so that you can feel relaxed. Wear it only for 15 minutes a day to feel the amazing effect the Magnetic Therapy Neck Pain Relief Pad provides.

The Magnetic Therapy Neck Pain Relief Pad uses an artificial magnetic field to stimulate the body’s acupoint. muscles. and collaterals. It activates heat from the nanomaterial when the skin and embedded magnet come into contact. It will not cure diseases. but it will increase blood flow that will help in relaxing your neck.



  • Uses the powerful combination of ceramic self-heating magnets and tourmaline.
  • Provides effective neck pain relief.
  • Reduces neck strain problems.
  • Reduction of swelling. inflammation. and associated pain.
  • Very portable. flexible. breathable. washable.
  • Safe to use and has no side effects



  • Material: Composite Fabric
  • Weight: 20g



  • 1 x Magnetic Therapy Neck Pain Relief Pad



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